Welcome to the BeThePeace Global Experience

Communities around the world participating in a synchronized experience of Inner Peace.  

Organizing a Meditation or Prayer in your city is easy:

1. Find other people and organizations to collaborate with
2. Choose where to have your gathering
3. Post your event to the BeThePeace Map
3. Invite people to your event
4. Enjoy your event!

Please fill in your information below and we will send you the following documents:
1. Step by Step Map on organizing and promoting an event in your city
2. Poster Template for your Local Event
4. Press Release Template to promote your event
6. How to post your event to the BeThePeace.com Map

We will keep creating more resources up until the 21st and send them to you.

Have fun! E-Mail bethepeace@unify.org if you have any questions.

Let's all work together around the planet & create a lasting impact for ourselves, our communities, and the world.

We Are Peace

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